We are a full-service marketing, advertising and communications firm.


Advertising is simply getting the information about your business, service, and/or products into the marketplace. Heise Media Group highly skilled team uses its extensive knowledge to execute a successful advertising campaign to make each individual client’s message stand out and knows what vehicle to use to get the message out effectively. There are no cookie cutter plans because each company is unique.


Marketing your business involves preparing your product or service for the marketplace. Knowing who your customers are and why they would need or want what you have to offer is part of the marketing process. Your logo, tagline, jingle—all the elements that align your company’s image in your target audience’s mind are integral in defining your brand and attracting market share. Heise Media Group helps you identify who you are and create your brand—all in preparation for letting people know your company exists to serve them.

Web & Social Media

Terms like “viral” and “trending” have taken on a whole new meaning over the last decade. Knowing how to best place your Internet presence and utilizing key terms to help customers find you is a cutting edge skill that requires constant monitoring and forward thinking. Using social media and creating a useful and user-friendly website is critical in today’s media savvy and get-information-now culture. Heise Media Group is positioned to help you capitalize on all that the Internet and its wireless capabilities has to offer.

In English and Spanish, we hit the target market every time.

Corporate Image & Brand Development
Advertising & Marketing Plans
Media Planning & Buying
Social Media Integration
Website Development
Promotional Items
Public Relations
Graphic Design

When you want to make your marketing and advertising budgets go the furthest…contact Heise (Hi-Z) Media Group.

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