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Studying Technology’s Impact on Marketing and Advertising – Marlene Heise in Kern Business Journal

Posted on Jun 22, 2015 in Blog, Featured

Remember when a stamp, envelope and piece of stationary were your main communication vehicles? Do the words smart phone, internet, social media, pod casts, e-edition, eBlast, mean anything to you? Of course, the media landscape is changing with technology; however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize cross platform mediums to make your business a success! Advertising and Marketing help businesses grow by creating a way to communicate the message of who you are as a business, why the consumer should purchase your product and why the consumers’ life will be enhanced with the use of your product. Technology provides the platform to deliver those messages to your perspective consumer. New technologies are changing the media landscape and the multiple methods that businesses communicate with customers. It may seem daunting; however, various types of technology make it possible for a little known product to become a world leader. Technology provides the opportunity to distribute advertising messages to multitudes of people with the click of a mouse. Your product or service must provide a cohesive and consistent message to consumers that span all different types of media – radio, TV, magazine, internet, smart phones and social media. Delivering consistent information and messages about a brand or a business helps establish it in the minds of potential consumers. Those messages will build your brand and develop strong customer relationships. Technology has made it possible to be more connected to your customer. With an eblast or direct mail piece you can address your customer by name. With technology you can learn how many potential customers are within a 10 mile radius of your business. With technology you know how many “hits” your web site is getting, where they are coming from and how they are accessing your web site. Engage your customer with technology, talk to them on a personal level and provide a message that is relevant to their needs and they will buy! The media landscape is changing, just remember …. • 50.3% of ecommerce website traffic comes through a mobile device ( Source: Shopify) • The average media consumption for one person each day is 7 hours of which 1.8 hours is spent on a mobile device (Source: State of Mobile) • What would people rather give up for a week than their phone? Alcohol 70%, Chocolate 63%, Sex 33% (Source: TeleNav) Yes, the media landscape is changing, but every successful business owner knows that change is inevitable and also holds a lot of opportunity. Be relevant! Utilize technology to create consistent and cohesive personalized messaging to your...

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Your Brand…Social Media…Which is Right for You?

Posted on Oct 22, 2014 in Blog

Producing brand personality is not always an easy task. Brand personality is the way a brand makes you feel and consists of numerous elements including logo, signature colors, taglines, web site and so on. When all of these elements are in sync your business will have a brand personality which makes you instantly recognizable and identifiable. How better to inject and reinforce a brand and its personality? Social Media — where your clients can invite your company into their lives. As a small business there are a vast array of options for social media platforms. In order to determine which platform you should choose, decide what you want from your social media and match the platform to achieve those goals. Do you want to find new customers? Run contests or post coupons on Facebook or Twitter. Want to promote a specific product? Upload photos to Instagram or Pinterest. Social media can be used to influence, motivate and morph customer’s actions and opinions about a company. Here are a few facts about the leading social media platforms. FACEBOOK FACTS: • Facebook’s social network has over 1 billion active monthly users • Members tend to be older and wealthier than users of competing networks AND since 2012 (in two (2) short years) the number of Facebook users ages 45 – 54 increased 45 percent. • 73 percent of users in the US have incomes of more than $75,000 Basic Tutorial for Facebook: Create a Business Facebook page with MONTHLY customized cover graphics, 2 – 3 posts each week and at least one customized graphic which is themed to your brand personality. Your posts should be 100 – 250 characters long. Each month write posts around specific content … that could include photos and videos, coupons, company events; however, it MUST be current and topical! But, what is really important is to infuse the company culture and personality into the posts. Keep it engaging and fun (they don’t all have to be industry or company facts). LinkedIn FACTS: • Business owners interested in a professional demographic almost universally use LinkedIn. • 30 percent of US business owners report using LinkedIn regularly … 41 per cent say the network is the “most valuable agent for growth” • Heavily male … 61 percent male vs. 39 percent female • One of five online adults is on the platform AND students and recent college graduates make up LinkedIn’s fastest growing demographic … sounds Ripe for recruitment! Basic Tutorial for LinkedIn: Create a Business LinkedIn Page which should include customized company information so that every message a potential customer will see will be consistent with your brand personality and have a similar look and feel. Join...

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